How it all began

Born on April 30, 2004, this small group of people came together with the purpose to build a base of good people who shared a common love of the carefree island lifestyle and dedicated to a commitment of service to the communities in which they live. To put it in the most simple terms, people who love Jimmy Buffett’s music and are willing to live up to saying “Party With a Purpose”.

What’s in a name

The name Strange Birds has a history in and of itself. Several of the founders were employees of Falcon Jet. So, they decided that they needed to find a name that not only had to do with Buffett, but Falcon Jet as well. Jimmy Buffett owns a Dassault Falcon Jet 900B (N908JB) and formerly owned a Dassault Falcon Jet 50 (N502JB). The 900B is one of several planes that he has in his fleet.

The name of the fleet? Strange Birds.

Hence………We are The Stange Birds of Little Rock.

Rules of the road

If you want to understand the ins and outs of how we operate, you can find all the information in our CLUB BY-LAWS.