Strange Birds of LittleRock Membership Application 2021

Mail this form and check payable to Little Rock Parrotheads to: [Lisa Hightower, Keeper of the Phlock, 909 Kari Drive, Sheridan, AR 72150].  You will receive a welcome email including orientation information and club details thereafter.  Credentials follow.

Handy tip when filling out the membership application: “Island Name” reflects your tropical spirit; it can be silly, fun, only have meaning to you, a play on your name, or in honor of a special memory. Some of our current and past board members have island names like Trusty Scribe, Sailor Girl, Lisarita, Shari Shark. Use your imagination!

If you’re already a member and have volunteer hours to report, print out the Volunteer Log Sheet below.

Volunteer Log Sheet LRPHC